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>> Comments by: Richard S. Campbell@DIRM ATS@Washington
>> Connectix told me yesterday that they were preparing a color version for
>> release sometime this year, maybe June/July, but that they could not tell me
>> any more about it (size, price, etc).
>> They did say however that there might be an upgrade from the B&W camera.
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>> Can CUSEEME handle color or only grayscale? How efficient is it at
>> 28.8 point to point?

>How did you contact Connectix? I like the idea of Par connection but I
>have a couple of camerias already. Do they have a reasonable priced
>product (i.e. <$75 or so) that could connect video camerias? I've
>seen the $300+ boards and am not impressed. I don't think snappy
>grabber will work with CuSeeMe.

Hi Paul...

You can reach Connectix via their web site at

The price of the QuickCam at Computer City (in Amherst) is $114.95.
It is available via the web for $95.00. A very good price for adding
vidcam and still photo capabilities in greyscale. I bought one and am
very pleased with it.

This unit doesn't connect to a video camera, it connects directly to
your parallel port on the computer.

And, as mentioned they plan both a color version and a color upgrade
version for current owners of the b&w cam. Though, I thought the
release was slated for the end of the 1st quarter of this year.