Video windows

James V. Cunningham (
Sun, 7 Jan 1996 09:40:26 -0800

I run a 486DX4100 under Windows at 28.8. I have been a subscriber for
some time but have never seen a problem mentioned that just recently
started. When I access Cuseeme, everything works fine - I get my own
video picture and audio comes and goes. However, when I join a
conference, instead of seeing those on the conference, I new get a new
video window of myself again. In other words, it appears that I have
connected to the reflector site but the only participant is myself.
There are two (2) videos of myself. I used to get the participants
from the conference but now, I only get my own video. Has anyone else
run into this problem or is peculiar to my computer. I have
re-installed the software and changed the settings. Currently, I am
using 30 for the high and 10 for the low. I am using a Quickcam.
Any help or comments would be appreciated. Thank you.