Demon Dialer v0.91b1 utility for CU-SeeMe is now available

Luecke, Craig (
Sun, 7 Jan 1996 17:47:51 -0500

Demon Dialer is a utility program for Microsoft Windows 3.11 or Windows =
95 that resides on top of CU-SeeMe Teleconferencing Software. Demon =
Dialer greatly simplifies the process of connecting to video reflectors =
by the use of an easy to use database and connection buttons.
The program really shines when you encounter those busy =
know...the ones with those 'Too many lurkers' messages! Or if you are a =
member of busy 'private' reflectors since Demon Dialer is Conference Id =
compatible! Demon Dialer saves you the numerous keystrokes and mouse =
clicks just to re-attempt a reflector connection.

The newest version v0.91b1 was just posted today (01/07/96) at =