45 seconds till death

Tom Gleason (tgleason@best.com)
Sun, 07 Jan 1996 17:13:45 +0000

Q- I have an 8500 that ran CU SeeMe just fine until about =

mid-December. Then I started getting these =B3time outs=B2 of everyone =

about 45 seconds after I logged on to a site. I had switched from my =

camcorder to a Quick Cam, but even after downloading thier software =

update, and even removing the Quick Cam extensions altogether (going =

back to the camcorder), I'm still having the problem. My version of =

PPP is 1.04. My modem is a Supra-Fax 288. I do have occasional =

problems with my browser freezing during net-cruising as well. Can =

anyone relate to this? Thanks, tgleason@best.com, aka =B3ahoym8y.=B2