Re: Connectix VideoPhone

francois (
Sun, 7 Jan 1996 18:29:22 -0800

I tried Connectix VideoPhone from Modem to Modem Direct at 28.8K...
We haven't been able to get any intelligible audio, but only birds...
We tried lots of different settings and tuning, but it hasn't been quite
a success, although video display was pretty good 2-3 fps/seconds....
I guess it is because Connectix Videophone does not compress enough
audio (probably up to 32K/s rather than 16K/s...) Connectix Videophone is
for ISDN or LAN network, not for modem with Speeds less than 64K...

Cu-SeeMe is better if you want to run on 28.8K and get some audio
at some point...


At 10:37 AM 1/6/96 +0000, John A. Francis wrote:
> Anyone had any success pulling this up via a 28000 connection on the net?
>I was playing around with it (even though the documentation says it requires
>a network card connection or an ISDN line) and was able to get stills with
>"some" movement (about 1 frame per three minutes) so it could have some
>potential but after tinkering with it I thought I'ld drop a line here to see
>if anyone else had any experiences with using it...
> jf...