Re: What can we do about the porn?

Jeffrey J Barbose (
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 01:07:00 -0800

At 2:12 PM 1/7/96, Richard wrote:
>At 16:25 6/1/96, Alyzza wrote:
>>People, I am getting _extremely_ sick of all the sexual displays I'm seeing
>>with more and more frequency on our public reflector...
>....{stuff elided}
>>Am I in the minority here with the way that I feel?
>Dunno...... but I do know that there are at least two of us <bg>
>In communciation

1. Close the damned windows that contain stuff you don't want to see.
2. avoid the servers you've seen this one.
3. stay the hell off of unregulated CU.

"Pious dogma, if allowed to flourish, will always drive magic away."
- Tom Robbins
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