Re: Pornography Causes Reflector Shutdown

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Mon, 8 Jan 1996 01:14:36 -0800

At 11:27 AM 1/7/96, Richard wrote:

>...entirely so....
> David suggesting that my 3 (coming on 4) year old should be exposed
>to this stuff...waving yr dick in front of a video camera should IMHO not
>be sprung upon people by suprise..(lest anyone thinks the
>3 yr old cannot log on to the net and CuSeeme and get on the reflector
>they've not met him ..he opened KPT Bryce combined a scene and then found
>the render command and rendered it.. to the exclamation of wow..) and
>several hours a day works away on a 7500 opening everything he can
>find..and his own programmes as well..
>....and then there is my neighbour whom I invited home to look at the net..
>..we logged on to the Ulster reflector and guess wot....
>... the first image up was a guy hanging his dick out....
>well in the end she laughed (later) and said she'd seen a penis or two
>before is hardly the best advert for the
>internet....her first time of logging on...what has she now told her
>family... her colleagues at the government office where she works etc..
>..the dick swingers should set up their own reflector where they can do
>their thing to their hearts content and where people know what to expect
>when they log on...
>and they should respect the requests of Reflector sites who prohibit this
>... to flout such requests (as the one posted on the Ulster Reflector) will
>lead to the loss of the (another) facility...
>...deliberately ignoring such requests is *extremely selfish* action by a
>minority....and whilst obsession with self may underly this behaviour......
>...I'd like to see them move (or be moved) elsewhere in the interests of
>the majority....
>In communication


the first thing you need to learn to expect from the internet is the unexpected!

That's the POINT of the whole thing!

"Pious dogma, if allowed to flourish, will always drive magic away."
- Tom Robbins
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