Re: Pornography Causes Reflector Shutdown

Richard (
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 09:49:59 +0000

At 1:14 8/1/96, Jeffrey J Barbose wrote:
>At 11:27 AM 1/7/96, Richard wrote:
>>...entirely so....
>> David suggesting that my 3 (coming on 4) year old should be exposed
>>to this stuff...waving yr dick in front of a video camera should IMHO not
>>be sprung upon people by suprise..{stuff elided}
>>....and then there is my neighbour whom I invited home to look at the net..
>>..we logged on to the Ulster reflector and guess wot....
>>... the first image up was a guy hanging his dick out....

>the first thing you need to learn to expect from the internet is the
>That's the POINT of the whole thing!

....I really don't need educating in the point of the internet.... thanks...
... and regarding surprise in my life.... although I'm not sweet sixteen
and never been kissed anymore... :) I used to go out groovin' with Mr Jimi
and others in the swingin' sixties and bet I've seen (had !) more suprises
than you've had hot dinners <bg>

.....porno really gets (a lot of) people uptight..that leads to legislation
and overregulation which I assume u wouldn't claiming that people
who want some sensible thought putting into this issue (see Michael
Sattlers proposed rating system for reflectors...and LucVolders comments)
are all square is counter productive...

u've missed my point entirely...if a reflector is maintained by a
university who require that it is not used for porno stuff then abusing
that will result in its shut down thereby depriving us (and the dick
swingers) of a reflector...this constitutes IMO unacceptable and grossly
selfish behaviour...if we treat this will bite the CUSeeme
community in the bum...its nibbling already .....

and so it goes

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