Re: Pornography Causes Reflector Shutdown

Richard (
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 10:52:52 +0000

At 9:01 7/1/96, David Winetsky wrote:
>I see. So your right not to be offended overrides free speech. Ok,
>thanks for setting me straight. (no pun intended)

Richard added...wot free speech..there is no *totally* free speech
anywhere..there are certain things that cannot be sed or done in all
societies.....and anyway this is free porno u refer to as generally the
CUSeeme audio ain't none that good <g>.....where do u draw a line ...wld u
b happy to hve pedophilic behaviour shown on CUSeeMe reflectors...
the US Constitution provides for laws as well as freedom..r u proposing all
laws be suspended re the net....
...come up with something positive David abt the problem...
...ignoring it maybe one option..but abuse of public reflectors whose
policies are not to permit such behaviour will result in those ones closing
down and loss to the whole community including the do *you*
propose that shld be dealt with...last thing I remember from berkeley
sometime when was a cri de coeur for free dope and sex in the streets...cld
be pretty uncomfortable..I thought times had changed..notwithstanding John
Lennon singing from the hereafter..<bg>

...r u happy to see Reflectors shut down and if so why?

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it and reemove all doubt.' Anon