Liberal/schiberal..birthday suit surprises...

Richard (
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 11:21:23 +0000

At 18:15 7/1/96, Cliff Perry wrote:
>GOD, this topic just pisses me off! I'm SORRY to waste bandwidth here, but..
>there will FOREVER be folks that don't like nudity, etc. for whatever
>reasons, and more "liberal" people who see nothing wrong with it. (I'm
>in the latter group)..

Nudity..nudity...liberal schiberal...each to his/her own...

...Just to nail my colours to the mast..I wld like to feel that people wld
respect notices at public reflectors re usage..reason this is a hot topic
in UK is one of our best public reflectors has been under *seige* from the
xposure part of the gay spite of requests..from the
administrator ....its like its a challenge.... which will only result in it
being terminated so *everybody* loses and let live I say but is
that the value which those beseiging the reflector are living with...I
think not..