RE: Pornography Causes Reflector Shutdown

Richard Collins (
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 11:27:28 -0330

People are beginning to make "censorship" accusations in this discussion and
it's really unnecessary. Let's look at the logic of all this.

1. I've witnessed this behavior on "public reflectors" with clearly
noted "welcome messages" asking for non-nudity. The message did not seem
to deter the unwelcome participants.

2. This ignorance of a clearly stated policy puts the
blame/responsibility upon them. Would you enjoy it if someone ignored
your request to get "outta your face" on a public street?

3. Make sure your reflector is clearly marked as "G"-rated and then,
if abusers persist, ban them with every means possible. This should even
extend to the point of contacting providers.

4. These people are abusing their privledges and demonstrating their
ignorance by continuing this activity. I did a "net search" for "cuseeme
reflectors" and found almost 50% of the entries to be places where these
people will be in good company (voyeurism/exhibitionism etc.). These
reflectors are clearly marked.