CU-seeme problem

Jason Rae (
Mon, 08 Jan 96 06:55:17 -0700

I have one problem, though it is a major one. I have a PC with
Win95, a Connectix camera, software, et al. I have run
CU-seeme before a few times, but the last time I tried running
it, everything worked except the "Connection" window did not
appear. The "picture" and "audio" windows are there, but no
other(s). It is on my taskbar but I can't seem to get it open
on the screen.

I have tried deleting the entire program numerous times,
changing directories, removing all the references in my
system.ini and windows.ini files, tried re-downloading the
newest version and re-installing it. But to no avail
what-so-ever. And after many hours, I'm hopelessly stumped.

Is there something I am doing wrong? What can I do to fix

Thank-you in advance for your reply.