How do I setup a reflector.

Andy Hofmeister (ANDYH@KSAR.USU.EDU)
Mon, 08 Jan 1996 11:58:14 +0000


I am new to this list so please forgive if this has been asked

I work at Utah State University and am interested in using CU-SeeMe
for a couple of distance learning programs I am involved in.

I have been using CU-SeeMe for point to point communication for a
while now but for one of these DL programs we want to send video to
several sites.

I am not a programmer and have no knowledge of UNIX. We have on
staff in my department a couple of programmer/wizard types. They
tell me that I need a fast 486 running a unix environmet and the
reflector software.

Is this true and if so how do I set this up is there a site somewhere
with good instructions?

Andy Hofmeister