Mac locks after installing Netscape

James Vincent (
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 12:54:43 -0500

Has anyone else had their Mac lock up while using CU-SeeMe? I have been
using CUSM for several months with no problems whatsoever. Two days ago I
changed two things: I installed Netscape 2.0b4, which regularly hangs up my
modem connection, and I played with the transmission, reception limit
values. After doing this my entire computer locks up whenever I connect to
a reasonably busy reflector. The modem goes mad, in constant receive, then
the whole computer locks up. I have put the CUSM setting back to what they
were when everything worked, but it still locks up. Now I'm very suspicious
about Netscape. Has anyone else had problem like this? Any help would be
greatly appreciated.


Here are the specifics of my setup:

Performa 636, 4M Ram plus RamDoubler
SupraExpress 28.8 modem
CUSM 0.83b2 and 0.8b3 (tried both - same result)
Mac TCP 2.04
CUSM settings: xmit min 5 - max 28, recv min 5 - max 28