Bob (fireftr@www.ezl.com)
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 13:05:05 -0600

1) IRC has had the same problem, and has reasonable solutions. Nothing
will change with CuSeeMe until either Cornell or White Pine add some
functionality to the reflector software. IRC channels are monitored by OP's
and BOT's. Offensive (to the channel op's) behavior is Kicked, and
eventually Banned. Banning is available to the reflector op. Kicking needs
to be generally available. Operating an IRC channel is work. So is
operating a reflector. If you don't want the work, don't put up a public
reflector. There should be an "Op-passing" command to the reflector. If no
op's are on the reflector, a 'bot could handle kicking, with sufficient
"complaint" from the current reflector users.

2) a "public" reflector is just that, public. Behavior, including illegal
behavior, must be monitored by the "owner" of the public place. If they are
unwilling to monitor that behavior, then anything goes. If you don't want a
public reflector, make it private.

3) To my knowledge, "public" transmission of live nudity through the
internet may not have had its "day" in court yet. I am not aware of any

4) As a work-around, two things need to happen. The reflector op MUST give
a greeting which CLEARLY states appropriate behavior. Reflector users must
police the reflector in accordance with the op's desires; the lack of an
"active" policing tool makes this very difficult for the users.

my few cents worth