Re: Pornography Causes Reflector Shutdown

Richard (
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 19:19:18 +0000

At 9:00 8/1/96, David Winetsky wrote:
>Dear Richard,
>Ever been to a European beach? Seen a lot of topless women, or thongs?
>Were you offended? Should their beaches be restricted? There are
>zillions of kids there. Would you like it if women went topless on
>beaches here? No? Who decides? Is "OK" in France but "Not OK" in the US?
>You get my drift.
>These things are so fluid; one year something is offensive, the next it's
>old hat. There was a time they put pants on table legs so they wouldn't
>be 'naked'. I think a warning that a given site may have nudity would be
>a polite thing to do, but I don't think your 4 year old is typical! He
>sounds pretty smart!


Nudity and *all* that doesn't offend all..and I;ve never put
knickers on my table legs either.. sounds interesting ...<g>..what can I
tell u..why do i hve to be labelled as square just cos I want 2 C some
thinking into this issue before more reflectors aer restricted and/or shut
off..*tolerance* *is* *a* *two *way* street* yessirreee... I used to
boogie around with the Stones/Beatles and Mr Jimi in late sixties and was
member of a Swedish group described as one of the greatest underground
bands in the world.. considered somewhere left of the 'Dead'...I say this
because you and another guy on the list hve jumped on me as if I'm a
mindless prude/unhip moron....let me tell u..I've seen some stuff go
down... :) and let live is where I'm at...'s my drift..a prominent Reflector has asked sexposers... who've
been beseiging it to lay off and do their stuff elsewhere..this seems to
hve been seen as a challenge..the site is run by a university who do not
wish it used in that way..if no solution is found it may be closed and
*all* will lose the use of it..what's the point of the naked neptunes
ignoring the notices posted at the site..

.. I recommend do unto others ...and so forth...

.now about those knickers for the table legs..hve the suppliers got a web
site.. or perhaps a reflector....<bg>

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