Re: Pornography - the solution?

dan mcmullen (
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 12:10:01 -0800

some thoughts:

conference id 0 is the default & is completely open at present. there is
no way to restrict access, & there will always be those who will do as they
please. we need a technological "fix" here.

other, non-default conference id's could be conventionally dedicated to
particular types of access -- e.g. id 69 for sexually explicit, id 16 for
explicitly non-sexual. a concious choice would have to be made to violate
this convention. hopefully this would be smaller numbers of users who
could effectivly be screened by blocking ip's.

a further step would be to build in to cu-seeme a "subscription" system,
where access to a reflector would have to be granted by an administrator,
and controlled using a login id & password scheme. subscribers would give
enough info to identify themselves. something like mailing lists that
restrict posting to subscribers to avoid spams. ease of subscribing could
be varied according to the purposes of the reflector. building support for
this subscription/login process into cu-seeme is obviously the big
obstacle, but if the medium is to survive the 90's i believe some mechanism
must be put in place.

any other ideas on possible "fixes"?


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