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>Subject: Audio only????
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>Is it possible to use cu-cme for audio only without cameras??? What is a
>video capture board, and would I probably already have it??? If not, how
>much do they run.

OK, folks, if you want real help with this stuff, you really need to give us
more information, like MAC or PC, modem speed, etc. It would also help a
lot if you read the documentation that comes with CU-SeeMe BEFORE asking
questions that are answered right there in the docs.

Now for some answers...
Yes, you can do audio only. Don't expect great results at 28.8, but it
works. Don't EVEN bother trying it at 14.4

A video capture card takes video coming INTO the computer from a camera or
VCR or similar device, as opposed to sending video OUT to the monitor.

Would you have it already? I doubt it, unless you have a Macintosh. Video
capture cards are in no way regarded as standard equipment on PCs yet, but
may someday.

Cost is from $89 US to as high as $999 US. If you want more info on them,

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