Re: implementation videoconferencing
Tue, 9 Jan 1996 00:13:47 -0500


It is a very good book. The ISBN number is 0-936648-48-1. The book introduces
interactive videoconferencing: it's history, it's technologies and standards,
and more importantly, how to compare, purchase and deploy systems that are
appropriate for various applications. It addresses applications, standards,
procurement techniques and technology.

I know that you can order it from Global Videoconferencing Solutions
(, 1-800-909-4874.

Let me know what you think of it.


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>Subj: implementation videoconferencing
>Date: 95-12-21 11:57:54 EST
>From: (Stef Maas)
>Sender: (Stef Maas)
>I am writing a thesis on the implementation of videoconferencing.
>Does anyone know of any good articles, books or other information about this
>I heard about a book cold Videoconferencing the whole picture. Does anyone
>- the ISBN number of this book?
>- something about the contents of this book, is it only technical or also
>about the implementation of
>Thanks for the info !!!
>Stef Maas <>