Re: Pornography Causes Reflector Shutdown

Michael Sattler (
Tue, 9 Jan 1996 00:32:52 -0800

At 10:27 1/7/96, James Vincent wrote:

>Perhaps I am naive, but couldn't this lead to some legal problems?
>Knowingly allowing the transmittal of possibly pornographic material into
>your computer, then knowingly retransmitting it to anyone else connected?
>At least here in the U.S. I thought there were problems with that,
>especially between states.

I am not a lawyer, so accept my sage legal advice for all it's worth :-)

I don't believe hosting a sexually-explicit CU-SeeMe reflector is illegal,
per say. The current plan of the Clinton administration is to deny first
amendment rights to bits, making it (and anything else you say, write,
draw, or show) on the Internet a completely open matter for legal
proceedings. That's why there was a week of protest at the beginning of

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