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Bryant Reif (
Tue, 9 Jan 1996 04:41:41 -0500

At 07:57 PM 1/8/96 +0800, Jason Tomich wrote:
>Hi people,
>Sorry to be a pain, but I just downloaded CU-SeeMe and have been trying to
>determine why I keep getting a "No Response" error when ever I try to
>connect to a Server!
>If it helps, I have the following Computer and Arrangement:
>->486 DX2-66
>->8 Mg Ram
>->540 Mg Hard Drive
>->CD-Rom Driver
>->Sound Blaster 16 Sound Card with Creatives Microphone that comes with
>Voice Assist etc (all Part of a Microsoft Office Pro - Sound Blaster kit)
>->Cirrius Logic Video Card
>->15" XGA Low Radiation, Non-Interlaced,Digital Monitor
>->DYNALINK - 1428VQE - 28800 bps Modem
>->I am running Windows 95 and I have my provider has setup my Complete DNS
>Arrangement, I am not running TCPMAN at all as it tends to screw up all the
>settings under DNS. I do have TCPMAN but I dont really wanto run it!
>I have a friend that I have been conversing with over IRC and we both have
>this same problem in fact we cannot even get a response from eachother IP
>Anyone with an iota of an idea of how to solve this problem can be assured
>there help will be most gratefully received!
>Thankyou all, sorry to disturb your already busy schedules!

I had the same problem, so I'll tell you all I know. In my
situation, my ISP kept disconnecting me in the middle of a cuseeme session.
At this point I couldn't reconnect to any reflector without restarting Win95
(this can be done by holding checking the "restart the computer" box then
holding shift as you press "ok"). Presumably this must be done because a
remnant of the winsock.dll is still resident in memory and must be cleared.
This is inconvenient but it has solved my problem. On the other hand, you
might be trying to connect to refs that are down or shut down. A lot of
refs have been shut down recently.

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