Re: Mac locks after installing Netscape

Luc Volders (
Tue, 9 Jan 1996 11:12:06 +0100

>Has anyone else had their Mac lock up while using CU-SeeMe? I have been
>using CUSM for several months with no problems whatsoever. Two days ago I
>changed two things: I installed Netscape 2.0b4, which regularly hangs up my
>modem connection, and I played with the transmission, reception limit
>values. After doing this my entire computer locks up whenever I connect to
>a reasonably busy reflector. The modem goes mad, in constant receive, then
>the whole computer locks up. I have put the CUSM setting back to what they
>were when everything worked, but it still locks up. Now I'm very suspicious
>about Netscape. Has anyone else had problem like this? Any help would be
>greatly appreciated.
> Jim
>Here are the specifics of my setup:
>Performa 636, 4M Ram plus RamDoubler
>SupraExpress 28.8 modem
>CUSM 0.83b2 and 0.8b3 (tried both - same result)
>Mac TCP 2.04
>CUSM settings: xmit min 5 - max 28, recv min 5 - max 28

Lockups are a general problem on my Performa 630.
This is a 68LC040 machine 66/33 Mhz.
I am using 8Mb memory and another 8Mb virtual.

If you are using the same kind of machine: learn to live with it.
This problem is know at Cornell and White Pine and they are
trying to resolve it.


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