RE: Problems with Chameleon 4.6 Winsock
Tue, 9 Jan 96 08:29:26 PST

I am having the same problems with Chameleon. I requested help here and
several suggestions were offered, but none of them solved the problem. If
you or anyone else can help us, please email a respone to me also.


/Dennis Gehris/
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I have just upgraded to Chameleon's 4.6 Winsock last week. I have
downloaded 0.84B7 and I cannot get it to work. Here are the error
messages I receive:

1. Gethostbyname() failed (11004)
2. Problems with Receive Network Initialization. Cu-SeeMe will Exit
3. Unable to create the (invisible) Newtork window

After these three messages appear, I get the help file and the audio
control panel.

I had CU-SeeMe working in Chameleon 4.5 with 0.84B6.

Could someone please help me?

Thanks, Dan Miller

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Dennis O. Gehris
660 E. 2nd Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Date: 01/09/96
Time: 08:29:26