Re: What can we do about the porn?

Bill Ryan (
Tue, 9 Jan 1996 08:55:46 -0800

Hi all.

White Pine Software has added password security support to its commercial
reflector (available very soon). White Pine's Enhanced CU-SeeMe will
support reflector password entry as well. I do not know whether this
feature will follow in the public version as well.

It will be up to the reflector operators as to whether they make use of
this feature or not.

What may happen is that reflector operators will require users to register
inorder to get a password to access their reflector. The registration
process, if done properly, should help prevent inappropriate behavior from
repeatedly happening (i.e. it may be a deterent, but if it did happen, the
reflector operator would have the appropriate info. to take action).

Hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

I really hate to see a "big brother" syndrome, but then again its up to
individual operators as how they administrate their reflectors (its a
"democracy", right?).

It's good there is a reflector list which describes reflector useage in
detail. Unfortunately, many users are unaware of it. This may need to
become more formal inorder to prevent unknowing users from accessing "adult
or X/R rated" reflectors. Maybe a periodic posting by the list
administrator of reflectors and detailed info. about them??

Aren't there some Web Page lists for reflectors (with details) as well?
Maybe this info. should be posted periodically as well??

The best solution would be some sort of active Reflector yellow pages
server which would send the CU-SeeMe apps. a list of active reflectors as
well as info. about them and their useage. It'll happen eventually -
patience everyone.


>>Reflectors have admins.
>>They should be monitored during business hours and either shut off during
>>non-business hours or used for whatever purpose they are meant to have,
>>INCLUDING "adult" purposes.
>CU software is free, reflector software is free.
>Now someone puts up a reflector for free. That is costing them money
>like an IP adress, a computer, electricity etc.
>And they are getting nothing in return (most are public reflectors).
>And now you suggest that they should put a guy or girl behind it to minitor
>it full time. Just so that we the free users can enjoy it.
>Get real. Who is going to pay the salary?
>We may be glad that there are free public reflectors at all.
>CU-SeeMe users looking for reflector IP adresses?
>My reflector list can be found (amongst a lot of good Mac related
>and other stuff) on
>Look at the columns section.
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