Pro Movie / Windows 95 update

Steve Loboyko (
Tue, 09 Jan 1996 09:44:36 -0600

I have sucessfully installed the PMS board under Windows 95 and it works
with CU. My problem was incredibly weird; I have a 386/486 motherboard that
I recently upgraded from a 486DLC (in a 386 footprint) to a 486-DX2-66. I
forgot to move a jumper. That jumper apparently had an effect on how the A20
line was handled. This defied detection by MSD, a Windows 95 machine test
program by Microsoft, and others that I have at my disposal. Other than the
PMS board, every other piece of software and hardware I had working under
3.1/3.11 worked fine under 95.

To reiterate, you might have to do nothing if you get your PMS board working
under 3.1 and then upgrade to 95.


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