Re: Pornography Causes Reflector Shutdown

Greg Brown (
Tue, 9 Jan 96 09:51:52 EST

One solution may be to se email to the person responsiblefor the
network, the offender's network manager. And then inform the network
manager that their whole domain may be blocked from the particular reflector
site. The network managers email address, of course can be obtained
through a reverse look-up of the ip number with the domain name

For instance, given a number like 141.214.x.x, for example,
a type=SOA reverse lookup gives: origin =
mail addr
serial=950794, refresh=28800, retry=14400,expire=2419200, min=14400

So mail to (with the example ip address) would
let the folks know their users were causing problems for
others.Reflector operators may wish to block subnets or chunks of 256
addresses instead of a whole class A or B network, or maybe not.

Also, there should be some message that tells people that type of
activity is not welcome, their network manager/provider will be
informed, they will cause their whole network to be blocked,and they
should go elsewhere.

Those warnings may direct them away from G/PG sites to other reflectors
whose operators don't care what they do.