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Ray's Seedling CuSeeMe-L FAQ

=46irst Off: If you do not have CuSeeMe, check out the web sites (below) to
download the software. If you do not have a web browser, get with it and
get one, or wait for the list of ftp sites to be added.

Second: Read the documentation that comes with CuSeeMe. RTFM.

Third: Most of your common questions can be solved by reading the basic web
pages for CuSeeMe. Read the Cornell and White Pine sites thoroughly before
bothering to post on the list. Other sites may be interesting or
informatiive but less definitive.
Cornell's Cu-SeeMe Welcome Page
Cu-SeeMe and White Pine Software
Videoconferencing Experiments
SUNY Plattsburgh
Sattler's pages
Luc Volder's reflector list

GLOSSARY (always under construction):

Connectix Quickcam: a tiny video camera for Mac or PC/Windows that broke
the $100 price barrier for video capture. Avoids unneccessary overhead by
creating a digital data stream and not NTSC or other common video format.
Built in microphone, and connects to a serial port. Requires special
software, which is included. Can be used for CuSeeMe, taking snapshots, or
recording QuickTime movies. Does not require a video capture board. Fixed
focus, greyscale, and small window size in pixels.

DNS Server: the machine/program/daemon that your service provider uses to
resolve (translate) named addresses on the internet into IP addresses. You
must set the DNS servers domain and IP address somewhere in some
configuration or preferences file before it will work.

IP Address: the number assigned to a computer on the net, composed of four
numbers from 0-255 seperated by a dot, so ranging from to If you cannot get an IP number for your computer, it is
your service provider's fault, not CuSeeMe. If you cannot resolve a name
(translate something like "" to the appropriate number, it is
also the responsibility of your service provider, specifically the DNS
server that is not returning the proper number to you.

IRC: Internet Relay Chat, a popular chat protocol/system for the Internet.

Lurker: someone who watches a multiperson session, but does not
participate. On IRC or other chat protocols, a lurker simply does not say
anything. On the Newsgroups, a lurker will read messages but will not post.
On CuSeeMe, a lurker will recieve video but not transmit.

RTFM: Read the Friggin Manual. Insert your favorite F word.

Video Capture Board: a device that allows your computer to translate common
video formats from input such as a VCR, television tuner, or video camera
into a digital data stream that might be used on your computer for things
like video edititing, conferencing, taking snapshots, etc. Most of them are
either cards that fit in expansion slots inside a computer or are an
external box that sits on your desk and connects to an input port (SCSI,
serial port, or parrallel port.) They usually have inputs for RCA or
S-Video type plugs to connect to your input device. They cost between $130
to as much as you can afford for high-end broadcast quality boards.

have more submissions, corrections, or revisions to glossary entries? mail
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