Help me again, Jean-luc

Jean-Luc Massiot (
09 Jan 96 15:59:51 EST

First thank you to Javaid and Bill that have replied to my first message
I have tried theirs advices :
* change adjustments of MAX/MIN settings (test:80/10, test: <28 / <10)
* use virtual memory recommended by Win 3.11
CU-SEEME blocks always during downloading the first images after a brief time
and I have to make a Ctrl+Alt+Del to exit and return to Win 3.1

My configuration :
* Pentium 100 with 8Mb of RAM
* Modem 28,8 K and card VideoBlaster of 1992
* Windows 3.11
* TSR and Screen saver off
* msvideo=vblaster.drv

Yours new advices will be appreciated
Thank you for support !