Reflector Bandwidth Question

Roger Bowman (
Tue, 09 Jan 96 15:59:22 PST

To experienced reflector admins:

I have connected to public reflectors which seem responsive on one day
and sluggish on another. I cannot discern whether the slow-down is
based on:

a) my internet service provider's congestion
b) the reflector's connection to the internet is congested
c) the reflector CPU is insufficient to handle all the clients
d) a setting problem or software problem with one of the clients
e) something else I am unaware of

I would like to establish a high-traffic reflector on a Windows-hosted
machine. I intend to allow 40 participants, of which 20 can be

I have successfully used the UCSC Windows reflector software, but
would like to know the factors which may cause performance issues when
traffic gets larger. Are the bottlenecks the CPU, the RAM on the
Reflector machine, or the internet connection.

Finally, I would like to bump the participant count to 80. Can I
daisy-chain two reflectors into a single "logical" reflector? I have
read about Multicasting but have not made complete sense of it <g>.
What are the internet connection implications, and can I still use one
IP address for all 80 users to connect? Would ISDN be enough to
handle this load?

My wholehearted thanks in advance for any responses.