Enhanced CU-SeeMe list serv

Bill Ryan (bryan@wpine.com)
Thu, 11 Jan 1996 16:54:17 -0800

>White Pine has set up a broadcast email list server for Enhanced CU-SeeMe.
>The purpose of this list server is to keep interested people up-to-date on
>product announcements, updates and special offers.
>The easiest way to register for the list server is to send a blank email to
>cuseeme@wpine.com. An electronic registration form will be sent in return.
>There may be times when you want to send an electronic registration form
>directly to someone. If so:
>* in the body of an email message put: relay user@destination.domain
>(Example: relay csesnick@wpine.com)
>* send to cuseeme@wpine.com
>We encourage you to let anyone interested in Enhanced CU-SeeMe know about
>this list server, and you as an employee can also sign up. Keep these
>directions handy!

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