Mr Jimi et al...

Richard (
Thu, 11 Jan 1996 12:30:05 +0000

At 12:46 11/1/96, Andrew J Stevens wrote:
>On Mon, 8 Jan 1996, Richard wrote:
>> boogie around with the Stones/Beatles and Mr Jimi in late sixties and was
>Jimi Hendrix, now there is a man who discussing would be worth the use of
>band width. I think if you guys chatted about this and perhaps got back to
>us later it would be nice.

I don't think Jimi wld hve related to this stuff at all !..he was not given
to a lot of talk about that sort of stuff butttt could talk at great length
about music and the universe et al unlike many musicians did not have a
problem with talking about musical with him again..I
wish..maybe one day.. :)
I recall someone trying to explain to him that he shld hve 'blacks' only in
his band..(he did it at Fillmore East for one gig..) and his explanation
when confronted with the idea of black and white people..he simply said
words to effect "see man this guy does drums and Noelthe bass axe.." he
couldn't get his head round the skin colour stuff at all and was bemused...
BTW when I told him once I liked his singing ..he looked at me sure I was
bullshitting him and said "ah man I can't sing at all but somebody has to
do it"
..he was a humble unassuming man.....many of these guys in private were
opposite of their public personae.. Beatles were a riot and cld be *very*
rude..Stones were Gentlemen... opposite of their image at the time..

u got a camera there in oz and CUSeeMe ? give me some time options and
(having agreed one) we'll log on...I've got a fixed IP

r u studying or teaching and wot and where ?

CUSeeme then maybe