Video Blaster RT300

Ian.Ferguson (
Fri, 12 Jan 1996 10:50:23 GMT


I've just bought a video blaster RT300 video board. Yes, I know it's on the list of boards that don't work, but I only found that out too late. COuld anybody tell me please why it doesn't work?

Is it,

a) a hardware problem and it will never work

b) a board driver software problem which has been/might be fixed with a different version of the driver software

c) a CU-SeeMe problem which might one day be fixed

d) a CU-SeeMe problem which will never be fixed

e) No one really knows!

It just seemed odd to me that the SB FS200 worked, but a board that is meant to be the "new improved" version doesn't. When I run CU-SeeMe, I get the "Unsupported function" message a couple of times before the main menu pops up. When I try to select "video format" from the video setup dialog, I recieve the following message _ "RT300CAP.drv - There are no capture/encode algorithms configured for your system". I'm running Windows 3.1 on a 386 DX40 PC with 16M of RAM. and DOS 5.

Any help/advice you can give greatly appreciated.