Wish List

Mubashir Cheema (cheema@sparco.com)
Fri, 12 Jan 1996 09:03:51 +0000 ()

I wish that

1. I could run CuSeeMe in a server mode, where it didn't run the
full binary, running a local video at all times, taking up CPU
and memory and therefore slowing down my computer considerably.

2. Anytime someone wants to connect to my computer, I would get a
popup message saying that someone wants to connect, with an
"Connect" and "Refuse" option.

For example I like the simple approach by a program called wintalk
by ELF communications. I have it running at all time and when someone
wants to talk they simply send me a talk request and based on what
who is coming I either connect or refuse.

CuSeeME on the other hand requires that I am running the full porgram
at all times (considerably slowing down my computer) and doesn't ask
my permission when someone connects.

If there is a new version out there, please let me know.
Also while we are it, does the Cornell version now support the Connectix
QuickCam. I am having to re-install the wpine version every month as it
expires after 30 days.

Thanks very much.

Mubashir Cheema