Problems xmitting

David and Denise Swenson (
Fri, 12 Jan 96 07:21:31 -0600

To any expert out there..
We got a quick cam for windows yesterday and hooked it up per the
instructions and installed the software per the instructions. The Quick Cam
software video functions work fine however when running cu-seeme the image
that we are transmitting is all snow or streaks. We have tried reinstalling
both the cuseeme software and the quickcam software to know avail. The
quick cam software continues to function while the video image in cuseeme
continues to be hosed. Is there a setting that needs to be set up that we
are missing? Also if someone would please send us a list of all the cuseeme
installed files so we can make sure we are truly deleting out everything
before we reinstall. This problem seems to me to not involve the actual cam
hardware since it works with its own software, we tend to think it is
something within cuseeme. We are willing to listen and try anything though
because as you can probably imagine we are very frustrated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance...