"video ghosting"

R. Endecott (Endo@gnn.com)
Fri, 12 Jan 1996 22:54:13

Hi, I'm having trouble getting rid of the "negative look" while
sending video. I have a 486DX 50, ATI mach32 vlb video, and a
Mediavision pro-movie spectrum. I'm currently using CU version
084?, I think. I've tried 16, 64,& 256 color modes, and seem to
get similar results. When I invert the palette, the picture go's
totally black. I attempted to setup white pines (10a2?), last
night and when the local video window opened during the set-up
procedure, the pic. was great. But when I logged on to GNN
(provider) it returned to a negative appearance.

I was curious if there is a different pallet mode or something I
could change in the INI file to help this problem. Any suggestions
would be greatly appreciated. Thank's, also, for providing us such
an innovative tool to communicate with. I think it's a neat