Hostname Error
Sat, 13 Jan 1996 01:52:38 -0500

I am trying to hook up with CU-SeeMee for Windows. I am getting an error.

I'm trying to set up my Hostname. By looking at the setup menu in Trumpet I
think mine is The direction in CU-SeeMee say:

"CU-SeeMe will not work without a hostname. If you don't already have one for
your PC, contact your network administor about getting one assigned and
installed in a DNS server. The quick way to provide a hostname by yourself is
to make an entry into a hosts file called "hosts". This file should go in the
same directory as your winsock. network apps, but in any case, the directory
you place it in must be in the DOS path before you start Windows. The format
for the hosts file is:

<your IP address> <name for your PC>

If you don't already have a hostname for your PC, you may want to contact
your network administrator about getting one assigned. If your host name is
defined in a Domain Name Server accessible to your PC, you won't need to have
a HOSTS file. Keep in mind, in this case, that if you can't reach your DNS,
you'll get the 'GetHostByName()Error' message."

Well, I am getting the error message above. I looked at my Hosts file and it

# A demo hosts file
# localhost ftp quiknet1

I'm afraid to change any of it without messing up the file.

Do you know what steps I should take?