Software Set-up Problem
Fri, 12 Jan 96 13:54:40 -0800

I have been trying to get the CU-SeeMe software running for a couple of
days now, but all I keep getting is the following error message:

Gethostbyname () failed (11004)

then the help screens come up and then I get these messages:

Problems with Receive Network Initialization CU-SeeMe
will exit.

Unable to create the (invisible) network window.

I am using a dial-up internet provider and my IP address changes with
each connection. I edit the hosts file each time and insert the new
address, yet I still can't get the software to work. My internet
provider is Nauticom based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. If anyone in my
area has had the same problem and has resolved it I would appreciate your
help. I would appreciate any help that anyone could provide.


Tom Taylor