Connectix Digital Camera for Windows

Phil Seidman (
Sat, 13 Jan 1996 09:39:55 -0500


Im totally stomped and connectix cant help me with a Cuseeme problem so my
only hope is to leave a message here and hopefully someone can point me in
the correct direction.

I just purchased QuickCam for windows, the software that comes with it works
perfectly, no problems whatsoever. My computer is a Pentium 100, with 24
megs memory, 28.8 supra modem Creative Labs Awe-32 with a Yamaha midi XG50
Daughter card attached, Diamond Stealth Video 3200 with 2 megs vram.

When i use Cuseeme here is what happens (im using the latest version by the
way). I get to see my image from camera when i try to connect but on the
image only the bottom 1/4 of the picture is there, the top 3/4's are static
it resembles closely.. any ideas?? the bottom 1/4 is clear but too small to
do anyhting, ive played around with the settings to change the 16 or 64
colors but no luck.. any help would be greatly appreciated.