Not a Porn question :-)

David B. Rosenthal (
Sat, 13 Jan 1996 15:32:33 -0500 (EST)

I have a couple of questions regarding the CU-Seeme software. I would
appreciate a reply if possible. TIA

1) I know that you can't get audio with a 14.4 modem (which I have).
However, I have been reading this Listserv about different connections.
My question is this:
Would I be able to get a better video connection (and obviously audio)
using a 28.8 modem? I have a Mac (which is not the fastest). However, I
have noticed that people who have faster Macs then myself are having even
more trouble than I am getting a video (or connection for that matter).
Would I have to go the ISDN route or something to get this program to
work correctly? When I run this software, It slowly runs sometimes that
it is to the point of painful. Would a faster modem solve this? (By the
way, I am using an ISP using a ppp account.)

2) When I launch the CU-SeeMe application and connect to a site, I notice
that I don't see my name in the Participant list. Is this a bug in the
software? I checked the preferences and didn't see anything to correct
this. Is there an oversight on my part? When I ask people on the site I
am on if they see my name, they say "Yes, in the lurker area." I find
this strange because I have my video camera on (which is a Quick Cam BTW).

3) When I use the save windows command, I have noticed that the Talk
Window does not stay in the same position as I left it. All the other
windows stay where I last left them. Is there a bug in that feature?

4) I know what the eye icon does. However, what does it mean when the
closed eye gets darkened? I know what it means when the eye closes.
However, I see that when it closes on some of the participants, the
closed eye icon is darker than others closed. What does that mean?

5) The audio option button doesn't seem to work when I press it. What is
it supposed to do and why don't I get a window when I press it?

6) Has anyone read the book 'Internet TV using CU-Seeme'? I see that the
book is twenty-five dollars. Is this book outdated at this point? Is it
worth buying?

7) I know that you receive a cd-rom when you register Quick Cam. I also
heard something to the extent that there are two versions of the cd-rom?
Is that so? If that is the case. How would one go ahead to get the best
cd-rom of the two?

I have a few more questions. However, I'll start with these which are the
most obvious to me. By the way, I hope the people who wrote the manual
will make it a bit more user friendly one by putting some graphics in it.
Also, when are the next FAQ's coming out?

CU soon :-)