Problem with 4.00b3 relector and .84b7 Windows client -- URGENT

George R. Kasica (
Sat, 13 Jan 1996 17:38:11 GMT


I just installed the reflector software for BSDI on BSDI 2.0.1 here
and have a few questions/problems:

1) What version should I run for the ability of multiple senders and
viewers? For example several senders able to be viewed by eachother as
wrll as just viewers. I really didn't understancd the MC and NOMC

2) I'm using 4.0B3 reflector here and when I connect with the .84b7
viewer on WIN95 using a QuickCam I get the message of no response in
the client sw, yet I'm connected and another machine acting as a
viewer can see my transmission Per the refmon out put below:

> who
CLIENT: George R. Kasica@ CRV

Total # of clients 1 senders 1 lurkers 0

Any tips/tricks you can pass along for the above configuration?

3) How do I get linked to other Reflectors for something like NASA TV?

This is the third request for help on this since mid-December and I
have yet to get any type of response. I DO have winsock loaded since I
can do other things via my dedicated network TCP/IP connection. I can
connect to other relectors just fine, so I'm fairly certain the
problem is on this end.

Can anyone help with this since we'd like to use it to tie our 4
hospital Emergency Departments back to each other or main office.


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