VFW Gurus -- Help!

Video Conferencing (vidi@zeus.engg.upd.edu.ph)
Mon, 15 Jan 1996 17:53:12 +0800 (GMT+0800)

Any Microsoft Video for Windows gurus out there? We need help!

Our problem is that we want to be able to access and display the contents
of an internal video buffer. We need to do this for single frame capture.
We can't use the capture window for our purposes, since we intend to
send the video buffer through a link and then display it on a remote
computer. From what we gather, we should enable a frame callback function,
which gives us access to an internal video buffer (a LP to a VIDEOHDR

That's just about all we know. We can't figure out how to use the
VIDEOHDR structure directly to display the frame data it holds. We think
that it's not in DIB or BMP format. What then can we use to display it?

Thanks a million. Peace.