Stoping Penis Wavers & Lickers

Gordon Whelpley (
Sun, 14 Jan 1996 21:39:36 -0700 (MST)

Some individuals seem to think that we should just turn off our access to
University reflectors if we do not want to see their private parts. If this
behavior is so cute, why don't they go to a University Campus and wave their
penises around and see if people (and the Law) just walk off the Campus and
leave them alone. This is what the "Penis Wavers & Lickers" are doing over
our Internet public space on University reflectors and, as a result, these
reflectors now cannot be used for educational activities in schools or in
family environments.

Although some of these exhibitionists claim that showing or licking a penis
over a University reflector is an expression of their free speech or perhaps
their right, it is no more than unlawful pornographic public exhibitionism,
and should be treated as such.

We have long ago eliminated the behavior in question from our "physical"
public spaces at Universities and there is no reason that we should tolerate
it in our "Internet" public spaces. There are existing laws prohibiting
public exhibitionism which can be used to stop this. One approach would be
that when a Penis Waver/Licker is observed on a University reflector,
capture an image of the exhibitor; document the IP of the exhibitor, the
exact time of the event, and the name/address of the exhibitors service
provider. A description of the exhibition and the source origination
information should be forwarded to the Attorney Generals Office of the
state/country where the service provider is located and to the President of
the service providing organization. Believe me, the service providers do
care. Save the captured image in case it is needed to confirm the nature of
the exhibition or prosecute the exhibitor (I would not suggest sending the
image unsolicited).

The Penis Wavers & Lickers do not have the right to drive educational uses
from the Internet public space on University reflectors and we do not need
more laws to stop them. If there are so many of them, let them get their
own reflector.