Help - I've donwloaded and don't know where to start!!

jcash (
Mon, 15 Jan 1996 16:47:05 -0800

Hello - I just wanna say that I downloaded the CUCME software from the
net, have it unzipped and installed on my harddrive. I also have
connectix Quick cam. When I installed cucme it told me it detected Quick
Cam. That is as far as I have gotten. I must warn you - I am a novice
computer - been at it for about a year, but just got on the net this
month. Is there any (a.b.c. - basic fundamental, rudimentary) type of
simple easy to follow instructions for the computerlly challenged. I
would really get a thrill out of using this stuff - but I don't know what
to do next. I got to this page - via links from other pages related to
cucme so I have been searching. Please any advise I can use - also is
there any people or sites in Hawaii (where I am calling/writing from)
that are supporting the cucme program. Please any information will be
greatly appreciated. Sincerely,
Thanks in advance :)