Macintosh and AOL connection?!?

Ralph Marshall (fmrco!ocean!
Tue, 16 Jan 96 12:29:17 EST

I'm trying to help somebody install the CU-SEEME software on a Macintosh
using an AOL Internet account. Doing the obvious things didn't work, and
calling AOL was like talking into a well. Does anybody know if this is
even possible, and if so how? Also, if you know for certain that it is
_impossible_ that would be useful information.

The problem revolves around the MacTCP software. It is not at all obvious
to me that the connection to AOL involves a SLIP-like connection, and even
if it does I don't know how to determine what the IP address for our client
end would be. The Cornell software installs correctly, but since I don't
know how to configure the TCP software I can't even get CU-SEEME started.

Any advice (other than "Get a real ISP") would be appreciated.

Ralph Marshall --
Technical Advisor, Fidelity Investments (AIMS)