(Fwd) Full Duplex audio - where to get

Franz Schredl (FSchredl@maestro.com)
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 13:01:10 -0500


Trying to send again. Is it just me or is nobody else receiving any
mai either?

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From: Self <B-BO1/FSCHREDL>
To: CU-SeeMe
Subject: Full Duplex audio - where to get
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 11:13:02 -0500


What PC sound card can handle full Duplex audio as suggested in the
compat.txt? Or is this just a question of the driver? If so, where
can I get the driver for it?

I have currently a Sound FX Studio 16 Bit board (model SC400) that is
100% compatible with Sound Blaster.