QuickCam use on Win3.1 cu-seeme-l Okada.

Okada (SGT01526@niftyserve.or.jp)
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 17:16:00 +0900

QuickCam use on Win3.1 cu-seeme-l Okada.

I using QuickCam for windows on Japanese Windows 3.1. QuickCam is
Conectix company product. The QuickCam is famous product if using Macintosh.
Anyway, I try to supplied software Qmovie, Quickpic. There are working well.
Qmovie and Quickpic are supplied by conectix self. I also tried to Microsoft
Capture. It's workin well too. But QuickCam does not work for Cuseeme. Quater
size monitor is working , but not fit to window. see below.

| sand storm |
| |
| A | B | A and B part is monitoring same scens.
| | |

Even set large size for video format. Every window space will sand storming.
I want to use Quickcam for Cuseeme. Do you have some information about using
Cuseeme on Windows 3.1. Please let me know any information such as special
driver, special usage or other.

My configration is Intel 80486 SX 33Mhz 8MB RAM Bidirectional pararel
port(QuickCam required) MS-DOS 6.20 MS-Windows 3.10 ,Cuseeme 0.70b1. QuickCAM
driver 1.00a Video for Wondows 1.1e.

If I mise for send mail address , I will apologyze for you. And I want to
know, which address is correct. Let me know if you knows.

My mail address is SGT01526@niftyserve.or.jp

Thank you

96/01/17 14:42 Okada(SGT01526@niftyserve.or.jp)