660av & CU-SeeMe

AAA (alon@erez.cc.biu.ac.il)
Wed, 17 Jan 96 11:46:27 -0200


when I open CU-SeeMe in my quadra 660av, the CU-SeeMe does'nt recognize any input
device. it informs me of it and opens in a receive audio only. I'm using a 14" AV screen
with a built-in microphone. in the sound control panel in the "sound in" section there should
be three icons - cd, line in & microphone. I do not see the microphone BUT I can record
alert sounds and I can use for example soundedit by macromedia to record my voice. I
simple choose the line-in in the sound in section in the control panel and the mac goes to the
microphone. every application exept CU-SeeMe reguards the line-in as microphone.

What should I do and what is the problem ?
thank you for your help.