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Juan Ulises Curiel Y\a\qez (ucuriel@indy.comserv.ipn.mx)
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 09:47:54 -0800

Hi!, my name is Ulises and I hope you have a good day.
I work at IPN from México. I need you to help me because I have a problem
with CU-seeme.

My computer has a tokenring card and has a internetīs conecction. But
went cu-seeme is runned, it show me that "there may be a problem,
gethostname0 failed (11004) and then Problem with Receiver Network
Initialization, and Unable to create the Network Windows".

I was cheching, but the others internetīs aplications donīt have

I would like that you could help me and tanks for your time.

I will wait for yuor mail.... :)

May mail is ucuriel@indy.comserv.ipn.mx and sorry because I donīt know
enough Inglish