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Laurence G. Kahn (
Wed, 17 Jan 96 16:02:16 EST5EDT

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>>>Windows NT - We've made no effort to make CU-SeeMe work with NT and have no
plans to do so in the near future. A few users
>have managed to make it work though.<<

>Would it be possible to get in contact with some of those users?

>I'm a little surprised to see that CUSEEME is not supported for Windows
>NT - which is on its best way to become the future standard for
>commercial platforms. It's the most powerful platform out there, but is
>always treated like the pest, i.e. avoided by any means because it needs
little more attention in programming due to its security features.

>Anyways: It would be nice if someone could tell me how to get it to
>before I invest in hardware that is likely to not work. Alternatively,
>you can pass my name and email on to someone who might know.

>Thanks in advance!

cuseeme works fine under windows NT (at least without a camera).. .although I
have not found a camera with drivers to work under nt yet.. alright there are
a few minor display problems the buttons on the video windows don't appear
correclty in the enlarged mode... but big deal...

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