Stuart Duncan (stew@mpx.com.au)
Thu, 18 Jan 96 07:54 EDT

Can anyone help?

I can connect to a reflector, my outgoing image is fine, I can wade through
the pixel blocks and get to talk (type) to someone, but after a while (the
actual time varies) all the windows close, as does the reflector
connection...I can't reconnect to that or any other reflector, and although
my machine tells me that my PPP connection is still up, I cannot make
contact with anything on the Net (Netscape, E-Mail, Newsgroups) unless I
close the PPP connection and establish another....

(Mac 7200/90 PPC/24Meg/7.5.2/Quickcam 1.1)

Any ideas....PLEASE post or mail me at the above address....thanks.